OLK to MSG Converter

OLK to MSG Converter

Tool to Export OLK14message and OLK15message to MSG

  • Convert all the OLK14 and OLK15 Emails to MSG file format.
  • Supports selective and bulk files conversion of OLK14messages.
  • Choose any desired naming conventions while converting OLK15messages to MSG file format.
  • View the Saved files in the original format with Maintained Folder Hierarchy
  • Date filters can be applied while exporting OLK to MSG.
  • Emails and calendars are the supported categories for OLK14 messages conversion.

Process Details OLK to MSG Migration

Preview OLK to MSG Export

Preview OLK & Export OLK File

Using this tool in addition to converting the OLK files. The tool provides the feature to preview the OLK files of Microsoft Outlook Mac on Microsoft Outlook for Windows Operating System. In addition, you can preview & Export OLK File an unlimited number of OLK files using this tool.

Export Selcetive OLK Files

Export Selective OLK Files

OLK to MSG Converter tool provides a selective export feature by which the users can export selected OLK14 and OLK15 messages folders and files to MSG file format. The tool also provides the checkboxes for selecting files and folders which you want to export as MSG file format.

Rename OLK File

Changing Naming Conventions

While saving the OLK14 and OLK15 messages files to MSG file format the tool allows the user to choose preferred naming pattern of their choice. Users can specify the name of the file to be saved with. The attributes like message subject or other are all applicable.

OLK Categories Transfer

Categories Transfer

The OLK to MSG converter provides two categories to export OLK14 and OLK15 messages to MSG file format. These two categories are Mails and Calendars which allows users to convert their OLK files according to the desired options.

Who Are Benefited by the OLK to MSG Converter?

OLK to MSG converter is an innovative tool to perform the conversion of OLK14 and OLK15 messages to MSG file format. The software focuses on selective as well as the bulk conversion of OLK files to MSG file format. In addition, the tool is built by using great technologies to deal with all the scenarios where the users want to achieve OLK to MSG converter. There are various users who are still using the manual procedures to convert OLK files to MSG and this tool helps them to convert their OLK files without any difficulties. Also, unlimited number of OLK14 and OLK15 files can convert at one go using this tool. In addition, the tool also acts as an OLK file viewer as well.

Why is this Tool Perfect for Conversion?

The OLK to MSG converter tool comes with great built-in advanced features which allow users to easy conversion of their OLK files. The users can select either selected files or folders of OLK files for conversion. In addition, the tool does not put any limitations on how many OLK files are to be converted or exported at one time. The tool also works as OLK file reader as well where the user can read all the data and contents contained in that file. With the great technologies used and advanced complex algorithms being applied at the back-end of this software. This tool is totally consumer-oriented and is designed to help the users solve the problem related to OLK file conversion.


“I was looking for some solution to convert my OLK files to MSG. As I was migrating from Mac to Windows Operating system. I looked for many solutions both manually and automated but all of them didn't work out for me. Then a friend of mine suggested me to use OLK to MSG converter tool. After using this it sorted all my problems which I was facing earlier. All my OLK files were converted easily with all attachments included. I rate 5 out 5 to this tool”.

Peter, England


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OLK to MSG Converter Tool

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I export the Corrupted OLK file using OLK to MSG converter?
No, you cannot export the corrupted OLK file in this software. The OLK file should be up and run so that it can convert by this tool.
How many OLK files can I export at one time?
There is no such limit on how many OLK files can be converted. You can convert an unlimited number of OLK files using this tool.
Will the OLK to MSG converter saved the attachments included in the file?
Yes, the software will the respective attachments associated with the file and save them into the resultant format.

Mac OLK to MSG Converter

Mac OLK to MSG Converter

Migrate OLK14 and OLK15 Message to MSG files on Mac OSX

  • Migrate OLK data to MSG, PST, EML, MBOX
  • Conversion of Mac OLK Files to MSG format
  • Export Group contacts to MSG file format
  • Migrate Mac OLK files in Bulk to another format
  • Use Naming Convention option to Rename Files
  • Obtain Information while maintaining data integrity
  • Supported by all Mac operating system
  • OLK Folder Hierarchy is properly maintained

Description of Mac OLK to MSG Converter

Convert All or Selective OLK Emails

Mac OLK to MSG Converter is designed with two options i.e. Add Files or Add Folders. With these options, user can either upload Individual OLK or bulk OLK files to convert them to MSG format.

Rename MSG during conversion process

The use of Naming convention helps a user to rename OLK files when migrating to MSG format. Hence, All files are saved in proper order and arranged form. It also helps a user to reorganize a large amount of information.

Date Filers to Extract and Export Information

While using date filters user can convert selective OLK information within provided date. User need to provide To-From date limits to convert MSG Emails

Data Integrity is maintained automatically

The details of messages inside OLK files is maintained automatically with advanced data integrity protection. When user convert OLK to MSG all information is replicated in exact form into MSG files.

Brief Details of OLK to MSG Conversion

MSG File is also supported by outlook but unlike OLK it can be opened is another operating system. There is the great need for OLK files conversion inside Mac OSX. This problem is easily solved by Mac OLK to MSG converter. This software also helps in various functions like filtering Emails, renaming files etc.

Some special features of OLK to MSG Converter

Mac OLK supports all new and old Mac platforms. This help user to run OLK file on any Mac OS. Also, with advanced Date Filters, Naming Convention and Data Integrity maintenance, this software allows migration of all OLK Emails either in bulk or individually to MSG format.

Mac OLK to MSG Introduction


“Working on Mac application was is our priority, but when we find out that we need to migrate all our OLK based Emails to MSG formats for easy readability and convenience. We were somewhat worried about that. Finally, we found a solution with OLK to MSG converter. This software migrate all our emails in easy and effective way to another email clients”

  Jhon Patrick, Netherlands


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MAC OLK to MSG Converter
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Frequently Asked Questions:

I used a software that converts OLK file but lost some metadata inside emails. Any method to prevent that?
Yes, OLK to MSG converter prevents data integrity by converting emails and retaining all OLK metadata in MSG files. The user can also try demo version which allows them to check the functionality of the software.
I need to upload all files individually. Is there any option for that? Do I have to upload all files all files one by one or is there any method to convert all files in one go?
OLK to MSG converter provides two options i.e. Add Files or Add Folders. The user can select any option to upload and then convert files into MSG format. This helps in moving all/one OLK files into another format.
Which all Mac Versions does this software support?
The OLK to MSG converter supports all latest Mac versions such as Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.6; Mac OS High Sierra Version 10.13.6; Mac OS Mojave Version 10.14.3 ; Catalina 10.15.1; Mac OS Big Sur.