OLK to EML Converter

OLK to EML Converter

Expert solution to convert OLK files to EML file format

  • Accurately Convert OLK14 and OLK15 files to EML file format
  • Date Filter option while exporting OLK files to EML
  • Migrate Mac Outlook OLK data to EML in bulk
  • Move unlimited OLK14message file to EML and Maintain Folder Hierarchy
  • Choose Naming Convention during OLK conversion
  • MS Outlook installation is not required
  • Windows 10 and all below versions supported
  • Originality of data is maintained throughout the migration

Key Features of OLK to EML Converter tool

Convert OLK to EML Extension

Convert OLK to EML File Format

OLK to EML converter allows the users to convert all the files in OLK format supported by Mac Outlook, to EML in a very convenient way. The software is especially designed for this purpose.

Migrate OLK data in Bulk

Migrate Data in Bulk

In Mac Outlook a separate is file is generated in OLK file format. This result in the large in the large number of OLK files. Therefore, this software is designed in a way that it has the ability to covert OLK files in bulk.

Maintain OLK data integrity

Maintain Data Integrity

One of the main concerns of the users whenever they want to migrate from one file format to another file format is the maintenance of data properly. OLK to EML converter ensures the integrity of the data after the conversion.

OLK Date Based Filters

Date Based Filter Option

The OLK 14message converter provides the facility of date based filter. This means that users can transfer Mac Outlook OLK files within particular date/s. They have to provide the specific detail like “To” and “From” and can shift the selected data to EML.

No OLK File Limitation

No File Size Limitation

OLK to EML converter is so efficient in the work of conversion that it provides so many different options to migrate to EML. Unlike any other software this tool can convert the OLK files to EML regardless of the size of the file.

OLK Naming Convention Option

Naming Convention Facility

Once the conversion of Mac Outlook OLK 15message to EML is done, then this software provides this facility that the user can save the converted file by giving any name. This utility works as per the users’ requirements.

Introduction of OLK to EML Converter Tool

Outlook is a desktop- based email client, which is widely used nowadays. There are so many users’ works on Mac operating system. Outlook in Mac support OLK file format. However, there are some scenarios that arise the need of the migration from OLK file to EML file format. As the matters of fact, that both file formats are supported by different applications we have to take the help of a third party utility. One of the most popular and generally used software to convert Mac Outlook OLK to EML is OLK Converter.

What so different about this tool?

As mentioned above that OLK to EML is very popular among the users, it is a third party tool, which is mostly used. The reason behind the popularity of this software is that, it provides so many filter options to the users that make the work of the conversion very easy. Users can convert so many OLK files at once without any file size limitation. All the files can be converted in bulk. Moreover, this software ensures the integrity of the data and also, provides naming convention and date filter option to the users.


“OLK to EML Converter helps me in a great way. This software is very simple to use and now, I use this software whenever I want to move OLK to EML. OLK 15message to EML Converter is really an outstanding tool as far as my experience is. It can migrate so many OLK files in bulk, regardless of the size of the files. I want to say thanks to the developers’ team from the bottom of my heart.”.

Jondhan, Auli

Screenshots OLK to EML Converter

OLK to EML Tool
Export OLK files to EML
Browse OLK Files
OLK File Settings

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this software Migrate Mac Outlook OLK 14message to EML in bulk?
Yes, OLK to EML Converter supports bulk conversion.
Does OLK to EML converter software support Windows Operating System?
Yes, the utility is supported by Windows Operating System.
Can I convert OLK 14message file of a specific date?
Yes, OLK converter provides you the facility to convert the files of a specific date as well.

Mac OLK to EML Converter

Mac OLK to EML Converter

Migrate all OLK Emails to EML Format

  • Bulk Transfer Mac OLK file to EML file using Add File/Folder option
  • Maintain Data Integrity while converting OLK Emails on Mac Platform
  • Naming convention option to rename EML obtained from Mac OLK
  • Supports Mac OSX 10.10 and all later versions
  • Date Filters to Export selected OLK into EML format on Mac System

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Details of Mac OLK to EML Converter

Bulk Mac OLK to EML Conversion

Convert Bulk OLK to EML Format

The user can export a complete folder or files in bulk to EML format. This option helps in reducing time. Also, there is no restriction for no of emails transferred to EML files.

Mac OLK to EML Date Filters

Use Date Filters to Export Selctive Emails

The OLK to EML converter for Mac platform provide date filter option that helps in filtering OLK files. Using this feature saves time of conversion since only selected emails within provided time period are converted to EML files.

Rename Mac OLK files

Rename files using Naming Convention

Naming Convention option allows a user to rename during the conversion process. This option help user to sort data and arrange details as per formats that are given in software.

Mac OLK Data Integrity Maintained

Maintained Data Integrity

Data integrity is properly maintained during the conversion process. All Message details are transferred without any loss of any information.

Maintain Mac OLK hierarchy

Folder Hierarchy Maintained

While transferring files from one file extension to other. The Folder Hierarchy is properly maintained. The software allows a user to keep folder intact or not based on their requirements.

All Mac OS support

All Mac OSX 10.10 and above Support

The Software is supported by Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.3, MAC OS X 10.10 & above version. This help user to convert OLK on any Mac-based platform.

Overview Mac OLK to EML Converter

Mac OLK to EML converter all basic function required to transfer Emails from Mac platform. Moreover this software help in various other functionalities like Data Integrity and Naming Convention. These all features save user time and money by converting more useful information.

Advantages of Mac OLK to EML Converter above other similar products

The OLK Converter for Mac platform is unique and allow a user to save all Mac Email information. Also, this application help user in various basic issues that other application failed to do so. With amazing features and user-friendly interface, this application resolve all issues.


“When our organization plans to move emails from Outlook for Mac or OLK based platform to free Emails Clients like thunderbird we were worried about our precious data. We found this software I great need and guess what! it really works and converts all our emails thanks for this wonderful software for our Mac OS.”

  Dean Marshall, Spain


Add Files in OLK to EML Converter
Open OLK in EML Format
Export OLK into EML Files
Options for OLK to EML Conversion

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to obtain all folders and subfolders in exact same form after conversion?
Yes, User can get all Folders and Subfolders in the same form using Folder Hierarchy option. This option also maintains data integrity of Emails
I am using the latest version of Mac. Does this software work on that platform?
The Mac OLK Converter can work on all Mac OS platforms. It is supported by OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.4 & 10.10.5, Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.3, MAC OS X 10.10 & above
We are transferring very large amount of Emails. How can we convert all emails within less time?
With Add Folder option a user can transfer all Emails in Bulk this helps them in converting all emails and information to another format.