OLK to PST Tool

Convert OLK to PST

Export OLK14 / OLK15 Files to PST with OLK to PST Converter

  • Convert OLK to MSG, MBOX, PST, PDF, HTML & EML files on Windows
  • View saved Outlook data file in its original manner
  • Option to split PST file and fix 2GB file size error
  • Move OLK14 & OLK15 calendars into ICS file format
  • Export emails with attributes from OLK to Office 365 account
  • Supports to convert OLK contacts file into VCF format easily
  • Open resultant PST file in any version of Outlook
  • Date Filter Option to save selected PST file locally
  • Compatible with all Windows operating system

Features List of OLK to PST Tool

OLK to PST Conversion

Convert OLK into PST Files

OLK to PST utility is capable of exporting Mac OLK files to Outlook PST format. It performs the conversion without harming email metadata properties, its content, and other mail attributes. The file conversion is done with a maintained folder structure, which means that data integrity is consistent throughout the procedure.

Preview and Convert OLK to PST files

Preview OLK files data

Before performing the conversion, one can view emails (along with attachments) on the preview window of OLK file converter. Whatever data is currently present in selected OLK files will be instantly loaded on tool wizard, after browsing. Moreover, the email attachments are also migrated with help of this utility.

Selective OLK file conversion

Export Selective OLK files

Instead of exporting entire data of OLK14message, users can check only those items, which they want to save in PST file format. This checking of emails will select the desired data that is to be converted in Outlook data file format. In addition, selective OLK folders can also be migrated with help of this software.

Bulk OLK file Conversion

Bulk OLK to PST Conversion

Mac Outlook develops an OLK14message file, which is representing each mail content. It means that the number of OLK14 or OLK 15 files will be equal to number of messages that are exchanged over respective profile of Mac Outlook. Therefore, OLK file converter is designed in such a way that hundreds of OLK file can be converted all together into PST format.

Selective OLK file conversion

Move OLK Files into Office 365

In the recent date, most of the users migrating their data into Office 365. Hence, this application makes it easy for users to transfer / move all the data items of OLK files such as emails, contacts, calendars, task, notes into Office 365 in a few clicks without any fear of data loss.

Bulk OLK file Conversion

Transfer OLK into PDF File Format

The OLK to PST converter tool provides an option to export emails messages into portable .pdf document format. So, now it becomes easy for users to migrate OLK file emails into PDF file format quickly. Just need to download and run the OLK to PST converter software on Windows machine.

What is the Need of OLK to PST Converter Application?

Overview on OLK file: As a part of Microsoft Office Suite 2011, Outlook was introduced as an email application for Mac operating system. A client operates backend OLK14MESSAGE file, when mail content is read on the client end by a user. It only stores corresponding data of message header. There are many extensions of a OLK file, which can be read and viewed for extracting information from OLK files.

Overview on PST File: PST or personal storage table file is an open proprietary file format, which is used for stories copies of messages, calendar, tasks, contacts, and other items of Microsoft email applications like MS Exchange client, Outlook, and Windows Messaging. This type of file format can easily be operated on Windows-based emails application i.e., Outlook.

Need to Convert OLK file to PST: The OLK files are generated in Microsoft email application of Mac platform. However, when these files are to be viewed on Windows program then one or the another errors are faced by end users. Therefore, to debug such type of problem, users look for a solution by which they can convert file having .olk extension into PST file format. This technique will enable users to convert OLK to PST and thus, access this resultant PST file in MS Outlook. The tool provides an option to control the result encountered in form of PST file. At the time of organizing data into PST file format, software provides Split PST option where users have to specify the size in which they want to truncate the resultant Outlook data file.

What is the Role of OLK to PST Converter?

The OLK to PST exporter is designed to import OLK files into PST file format. Any issue that causes hurdle in exporting OLK to PST will be resolved with help of this application. Some of the exciting features of OLK to PST converter are highlighted below:

  • Easy-to-use software interface
  • Convert email attachments too
  • Selective OLK data conversion
  • No dataloss during conversion
OLK to PST Introduction


“OLK to PST Converter had now simplified the procedure of converting Mac OLK14message file into PST file format. It is a literally a masterpiece for performing conversion and has a quality of performing an accurate conversion.”

Senha, England


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OLK to PST Converter Settings
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export folder pst

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your OLK to PST file converter capable of exporting a corrupted OLK file?
No, the software will not convert a corrupt OLK file into PST file format. The OLK file should be in healthy state to perform conversion with help of this utility.
What is the maximum file size supported by OLK to PST file converter?
There is no maximum size limit of OLK file imposed in our software.
Will OLK to PST file converter save corresponding email attachments while conversion?
Yes, the product is designed in such a way that it will export email attachments of selected OLK files and embed them into resultant PST format.
What type of PST file is generated by your software after conversion?
A UNICODE PST file is generated from our converter, which is supported by almost all versions of Outlook.

Mac OLK to PST Converter

Mac OLK to PST Software

A detailed solution for Mac OLK to PST Conversion within Mac OSX

  • Easy method to migrate all/selective Mac OLK files to PST format
  • Use date filters to export selective OLK to PST format
  • Maintain all OLK Email meta data inside PST file
  • Converted PST is supported by all Outlook Platforms
  • OLK converter can run on all Mac OSX
  • All OLK Folder and Subfolders and transferred in the same form

Features description of Mac OLK to PST converter

All or Individual Mac OLK to PST

Convert All or Individual Mac OLK to PST format

The OLK to PST converter provides an option to upload file or folder at a particular time. It allows user to upload OLK file individually or in Bulk

Convert Mac OLK Email Calendar or Contacts to PST

Options for Email, Contacts or Calendar Conversion

With three options i.e. Emails, Contacts, and Calendar. The user can export one or all of Mac OLK details to PST format. The above option will save time and provide user with multiple options to convert Emails.

Mac OLK folder hierarchy is maintained properly

Folder Hierarchy of Mac OLK file maintained properly

All Folders are intact and can be transferred in the same form using Maintain Hierarchy option in OLK to PST converter. This option solve issues of exporting no of folders from OLK files.

Mac OLK files meta data maintained

Apply Date Filters to Convert Selective OLK Files

With Date, Filter option user can convert selected no of Emails within a specific duration. This option help user to migrate only required no of emails. The feature reduces time of conversion and provide user with relevant and effective Emails.

Conversion of OLK files on Mac Platform

The process of converting OLK files on Mac platform can be easily performed using OLK to PST converter. This software supports all latest Mac OS X. Also, it provides advanced options like Folder Hierarchy maintenance. It also migrates Outlook OLK file for Mac 2011 and 2016. In PST file it transfers Emails, Contacts, and Calendars.

Different Features of OLK to PST Converter

There are various features of the software that provides user to convert selective OLK emails, transfer all folders and files in the same form. This software also retains metadata of emails while converting them to another file extension.

Mac OLK to PST Converter Introduction


“When we start using Mac platform we face several issues in implementing certain services. We decided to move our all data into other OS. But here we face a problem. We wanted to convert files within Mac system, so we required some software to do that within mac environment. Thanks to OLK to PST converter, it did our whole task in few seconds.”

  Mark Willies, Vatican City


Add Mac OLK file and convert to PST
Find Converter Mac OLK
Properties of Mac OLK to PST Converter
Save Mac OLK Export Report

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this software support all Mac OSX?
Yes, Mac OLK to PST converter support all Mac OS. It migrates all OLK files to PST in the easy and convenient way.
Does this software has and limitation to upload OLK file?
No, a user can upload any no of Files or they can also add folders to migrate OLK files to PST format.
Is there any method to filter OLK emails and then export them to PST?
Yes, with date filter option you can export all OLK Emails from OLK file to PST format.