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Server-based databases have this drawback that it can be accessed only when the server is available. In case the server is unavailable, the databases cannot be accessed even if they are available on the disk. MDF Viewer to SQL Master Database File has same issues and can be accessed with the SQL server only. If there is any downtime of Server or if the Server is not working due to any other reason. MDF databases will not be accessible at all. Another situation where the databases, not access is when it gets damaged or corrupt. This application embeds with multiple features which help to view complete data components from damaged or healthy SQL MDF databases.

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What Makes This MDF Viewer Software A Prominent Solution?

View Healthy & Corrupted MDF: SQL Master Database file viewing application is capable to let users view both types of healthy and corrupted files. The software has a Quick scan mode which by default scans the database providing recovery of data from damaged database.

Analyze Complete Data Components: Once the tool scans the MDF file, all the components like columns, Keys, tables, triggers, indexes, classes, etc. are available for preview. Users can analyze these components easily using this software.

Save Scanned MDF File Data: Once the MDF file is scan, it saves to the software application. This saved file analyze or view. It is done without going through the scanning procedure again saving the time of re-scanning.

No Restriction on File Size Limit: Software is capable to add large SQL MDF file. It is also irrespective of the size limit. Users can add SQL MDF file without concern for the size of the database.

MS SQL Environment Not Required: The most important and beneficial factor of this application is it does not need the SQL Server environment for execution of this tool. The software runs without SQL Server and users can view complete data of MDF database. Freeware MDF Viewer is completely free of cost and needs no investment. It is available online for download and users can readily view the SQL MDF file using this software.

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