Unlock CorelDraw GMS Password files

CorelDraw Password Recovery

Tool to Remove And Reset CorelDraw GMS Password

  • Allows to remove password from GMS file
  • Generates new password for the file
  • Imposes no restriction on password length
  • Allows to recover multilingual passwords
  • Supports CorelDraw X7 and all below versions
  • Supports Windows 8.1 and all below versions

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Demo will show you the status as a lock icon, if CorelDraw GMS file is password protected.

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Key Features of CorelDraw GMS Password Recovery

Unlock Password Protected CorelDraw GMS File

Removes Existing Password

The tool provides a password removal solution for password protected GMS files. User just needs to choose the required file, whose password has to be removed. Only one file can be selected at a time for password removal.

Automatic new Password Generation

Generates New Password

After removing the existing password from the GMS file, the Reset CorelDraw GMS Password tool automatically generates a new password for the GMS file. User can easily open the particular GMS file by using the newly generated password.

CorelDraw GMS Password Remover

Any-size Password Removal

The software does not pose any limitation on the size of GMS file password. So, user need not worry about the length of the existing password. The tool will automatically remove any sized password from GMS file.

Multilingual VBA Password Reset

Multilingual Password Support

CorelDraw Password Remover tool supports multilingual GMS passwords. So, it facilitates to reset password consisting of any characters, symbols, special characters, digits or a combination of all the character types.

Get Complete Report

Recovery Details Provision

Once the password has been removed from the selected GMS file, the Reset CorelDraw GMS Password tool provides a recovery report to the user. The recovery report includes information such as initial processing details, new GMS password and final status.

GMS File Supported

All Version Support

CorelDraw GMS Password Remover tool has been designed to support all the versions of CorelDraw. So, it can easily remove and generate new password for GMS file of Graphic Suite of X7 and all below CorelDraw versions.

CorelDraw GMS Password Recovery

CorelDraw GMS Password Removal tool provides a complete password removal solution for the CorelDraw GMS files. Users generally face a common issue of forgetting the password of the GMS files. The files cannot be accessed without providing password and therefore, creates trouble to users. However, CorelDraw GMS Recovery allows to remove the existing password from the GMS file. It automatically generates a new password for the particular file, which can be used to access the GMS file.

What Makes GMS Password Remover A User’s choice?

A number of users prefer to use CorelDraw GMS Password Remover tool owing to its efficient password removal strategy. The automatic password generation feature make it more helpful for the users. The interactive user interface of the tool guides user at each step of the processing. Moreover, it just works upon the password parameters, without causing any data loss or corruption issue in GMS file. So, it can be considered as an efficient and reliable tool to reset password of any GMS file.

Reset CorelDraw GMS Password


-”One of the employee of my organization left due to some reason. Few months later, we urged to access a GMS file, which had been password protected by him. CorelDraw GMS Remover tool helped us in accessing that file by removing the old password and generating a new one. I recommend this tool as an efficient and reliable solution for password recovery.”

- Werner Otis,Australia


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any risk of corruption of GMS file during password removal?
No, the tool is absolutely secure and does not introduce any corruption in GMS file.
Is there any compatibility issue with different Windows version?’
No, CorelDraw GMS Password Remover tool efficiently supports Windows 8.1 and all below versions.
How can I view the newly generated password?
Recovery Detail Report, which is generated at the end of process displays the new password of GMS file.
Does the tool allows me to recover the old password of my GMS file?
No, the software only removes the old password and provides new password for easy login.