Thunderbird Store Finder

Thunderbird Store Finder Tool

Search & Store Thunderbird Database Files in Device Connected Under Same Network Domain

  • Move the marked Thunderbird folders at a safe and desirable location
  • Option to Search for Emails in all Drives or a specific system drive

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Detailed Features of Thunderbird Store Finder

Search Within Network

Find Within Same Network

This is the main feature of this software. According to this, users can find the Thunderbird profile folders from device, which are connected to the same network. Users can find Thunderbird data from many machines and a single machine.

Quick and Advanced Scan

Find Thunderbird Files

Apart from finding Thunderbird files from multiple machines users can choose one machine from multiple machines and can search Thunderbird files. They have to put domain credentials to start the process.

Easy to use Interface

Easy to Use Interface

Thunderbird Store finder tool does not require any extra knowledge. It can be used by anyone as it has a very simple and user friendly interface. This feature makes it popular among the users.

Thunderbird Profile Folder in hard drive

Store List in CSV file format

Users can save those email folders of Thunderbird, which are listed to a desired location. With the help of this software it is possible to save the data of selective machine. This listed Thunderbird data detail can be saved in CSV file format.

Option to search NSF

Dual Searching Options

Thunderbird Store Finder is designed in such a way that it provides the option to search emails in two different ways from one to many systems, which are present within the same domain.

  • If you are not aware of the particular location then, Search from all drives.
  • If you the exact location search it from that particular drive
Show Details

Provide List With Details

Thunderbird Store Finder software provides a list of stored listed data files. These listed data files of Thunderbird contain all the essential information, which includes the location of the file in the system.

Introduction of Thunderbird Store Finder

Thunderbird Store Finder software is a well-developed utility used to find and store the data files of Thunderbird email client, which are stored under same network domain. With the help of this software users can find the files from multiple machines or from a single machine according to the requirement.

Best thing about this software

Thunderbird Store Finder tool is a software with the very simple interface. It is also capable to save the data of selected machine. Moreover, it provides the facility to store the listed data in CSV format. All these features make this software very popular among its users.

“I have been working on Thunderbird for a very long time. I had lots of data and sometimes it becomes very difficult for me to find Thunderbird file. I have used Thunderbird Store Finder and now, I can browse my files very easily. I just love this software and want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to the developers’ team.”

- Devid, India

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Thunderbird Store Finder Tool
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we find Thunderbird file of a single machine?
Yes, Thunderbird Store Finder is capable to find and store the file of a single machine.
Does the installation of Thunderbird is required?
Yes, it is necessary to install Thunderbird email client to use it properly.
Can I save Thunderbird files in CSV format?
Yes, Thunderbird Store Finder software is designed in such a way that it can store files in CSV format.