open pfc files without aol

AOL PFC Viewer

A Standalone Platform to Read PFC File Emails

  • Freeware application to open and read AOL PFC files
  • Read emails in standalone mode from PFC file storage
  • Preview of emails provided with internal attachments
  • View email signature with embedded media contents
  • Folder hierarchy maintained during PFC file preview
  • Open and view email list with message attributes

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AOL PFC Viewer is available free of cost and can be downloaded to view entire emails of PFC file.

Highlighting Key Features of AOL PFC Viewer Application

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Freeware to Read PFC File

Open and read the PFC files with the help of the free PFC file viewer. The application is a freeware utility that can easily open and read contents of multiple AOL PFC files without any investment made.

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Preview Email from PFC

AOL PFC Viewer is a capable application for reading the emails stored within the cabinet file. The complete preview of each email message body is provided along with its header details & path.

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Standalone PFC File View

In order to read the AOL PFC file, the application does not depend on the installation of AOL Desktop Software. The tool is a standalone and thus, requires no external support for previewing PFC files.

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View Internal Attachment

With the help of AOL PFC Viewer software, one can easily open and view the emails with internal attachments too. The tool supports displaying internal attachments in the form of image-based media.

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Preview Embedded Signature

Email body consists of message in text along with internal attachments or hyperlinks, if any, along with the signature. The tool properly displays signatures with any embedded media or hyperlinks too.

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Properties of PFC Sustained

Properties, structure, and contents of the PFC file and its contents are sustained by the tool throughout. PFC Viewer sustains folder structure of the file along with each attribute associated with the emails.


AOL or America Online is a web based emailing service that was used excessively in the United Kingdoms. All you need is a web browser in order to access your AOL account and exchange emails. However, AOL later on introduced the option to reading and exchanging emails right from a local machine. This service was provided with the help of AOL Desktop Software, an application built to offer reading and exchange of emails just like any desktop-based email client.

Like any other standard desktop email client, AOL Desktop Software stores a local copy of the messages. This storage is done in a binary type file called ‘Personal Filing Cabinet’ better known as the PFC file. Nevertheless, being a proprietary message repository, a PFC file can only be accessed and read using AOL Desktop Software. Every user account is assigned with a PFC file of their own. There is no file extension appended to a PFC file, which makes it hard to distinguish them between other file types.

AOL PFC Viewer: An Instant Help

As far as AOL Desktop Software is concerned, it needs to be installed as well as configured with an AOL account. Only after fulfilling the requirements will you be able to read the contents of a PFC file.

On the other hand, AOL PFC Viewer is a user-friendly application that only needs to be installed on the user machine. All you need to do is browse and load PFC files from their respective store folder to view the messages stored in it. This makes readability of PFC file independent and mobile.

Introduction AOL Email Viewer


“There was no way I could read a PFC file without having AOL Desktop Software installed and configured on my machine. However, discovering about AOL PFC Viewer was the greatest help I received. It is free and so helpful.”

- - Gayle Wilkerson

Screenshots AOL PFC Viewer Tool

AOL Personal Filing Cabinet
Read old AOL email without AOL
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Is it possible to view PFC files without AOL Desktop Software?
Yes, it is very much possible to read the contents of a PFC file with this tool despite the unavailability of AOL Desktop Software. The application is a standalone.
How can I view the email attachments?
The software supports displaying a preview of the internal attachments of all the emails stored within the selected PFC file.
Is the software free or I need to pay for it afterward?
The software is completely a freeware to open and read PFC files. No investments need to be made now or later.
Will the email related details be visible too?
The software displays email message body, internal attachments, signature with embedded media, and attributes too.