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CorelDraw CDR File Repair Tool

Effective CorelDraw CDR File Repair Tool to Fix Corrupted CorelDRAW

  • Repair and recover damaged or corrupted CorelDRAW images
  • Provides an option to Load and scan complete data from a CDR data
  • Preview contents of the .cdr file and view image size and date
  • Upload multiple .cdr files in bulk and recover them simultaneously
  • Added facility to Maximum and Minimize a CorelDRAW image file
  • No size limitation to the corrupted CDR file repair & view .cdr files
  • Compatible with all versions of CorelDRAW x8, x7, x6 and x5
  • Supports all latest Windows versions including Windows 10

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Demo version will allow user to only preview corrupted CDR Files.

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Remarkable Features of CDR Repair Tool

corrupt cdr recovery

Repair Damaged CorelDRAW CDR file

A professional CorelDraw CDR file repair tool based on an able data extraction algorithm and offering high speed of repair and stupendous effortlessness of use.

Preview Corrupt Corel Draw CDR

Preview Data of Corel Draw CDR File

Along with the recovers of Corel Draw CDR file, the tool gives you the preview the whole data files of Corel Draw CDR file, even the CorelDraw CDR files is corrupted.

recover corrupted corel draw x5 file

Fix Multiple CDR Files

CorelDraw CDR File Repair tools to assists you out to add several Damaged CDR files at a moment for fix. The database structure of CDR file is maintained for the period of whole procedure and even after recover damaged CorelDRAW CDR file.

Zoom-in & Zoom-out Pictures

Zoom-in & Zoom-out Pictures

Advanced Corel Draw File Repair Software has a highly developed feature of maximize and minimize pictures within the application section using slide bar without any difficulty.

No File Size Restriction

No File Size Restriction

The Corel Draw CDR data file Repair Tool is so bendable and smart to fix Corel Draw file of any size limit. There is no restriction with CDR file for the duration of repairing procedure.

Support Latest Versions of CorelDRAW

Support Latest Versions of CorelDRAW & Windows

CorelDRAW CDR Repair Tool is supported with such versions as CorelDRAW x10, x9, x8, x7, x6 & x5 & it is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (& below versions)

CDR Repair Tool to Easily Recover CorelDRAW Corrupt File

CorelDRAW is an image editing and graphic creation tool introduced by Corel. It saves image data in a .cdr file. Often this file starts generating errors and would not open up. It becomes difficult to access the image data and edit it. Some of the error messages are: ‘Error reading CDR file’, ‘Filename.cdr contains an invalid object’ or ‘Error Reading File’. To remove errors and open the .cdr file, one needs to use the CorelDRAW CDR File repair tool.

  • It repairs damaged and corrupted .cdr files and recover image data from the file.
  • It removes errors while opening a CDR data file. The errors can be caused by using incompatible versions of CorelDRAW. Or maybe the reason can be using an outdated version of DRAW.
  • View corrupted CDR file on Windows computer with associated file attributes.
  • Save the healthy file on the local machine individually or in bulk.
  • Open a .cdr file without CorelDRAW and zoom in and out of images for a clearer view.
  • Extract image data from an infected CorelDRAW file caused by damage to the file, sector or drive. The infection could be viral, Trojan or any other malware.
  • There is no data loss in extracting image file from a corrupt CDR file. The corruption can be caused by large sized .cdr file or abrupt closure of CorelDRAW.

For repairing and recovering image data from a corrupted CDR file a CorelDRAW CDR File repair tool is needed. It removes all errors and infection from a .cdr file. Allows users to view image file without CorelDRAW.

coreldraw error reading .cdr


‘I had a bundle of .cdr files that I carry on my external drive. However, the pen drive recently got corrupted as I accessed it through a public computer. I was unable to use my CorelDRAW images anywhere and they were useless to me. I was about to delete them when I saw this amazing CDR Repair tool. I have saved many images using this tool. Thanx!’

- -Genevieve Parsons, Russia

Screenshots CDR Repair Tool

recover corrupted corel draw x5 file
error reading cdr
coreldraw i/o read error
corrupt cdr recovery online


Is it possible to recover bulk CDR files?
Yes you can effortlessly recover bulk CDR files within one click and in little time.
Can your software recover my tremendously damaged CDR files?
Yes you can easily repair Corel Draw file without any harm.