pst splitter

Split PST Tool

Comprehensive Solution for Fragmenting Large Sized Outlook PST Files

  • Split Large Outlook PST file by size, date, year, folder and email id, category
  • Option to split selective emails, contacts, tasks, etc.
  • Supports splitting both ANSI and UNICODE PST
  • MS Outlook installation is necessary for splitting files
  • Supports MS Outlook 2019, 2016 and all the below versions
  • Save the output PST files in a newly created folder
  • Splits both newly created PST and archive PST
  • Software support to add single or multiple Outlook PST file
  • Tool support to split archive PST file or active PST file
  • Split one PST file to multiple PST files by size of 1 MB to 1 TB

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Highlighted Features of Split PST Tool

Divide PST by Size

Dissever Large PST File

Split large PST into multiple small sized PST. This saves the PST file from 2 GB size corruption in case the file is ANSI PST. The user can select the size of the output PST.

PST Split Options

Variant Options To Split PST

The software offers various options to Split Large Outlook PST File. The user can split the PST file on the basis of year, date, size, folder and email id. The software supports splitting both UNICODE and ANSI PST files.

Spli PST by Year

Split PST By Current Date & Year

The software allows the users to split the PST files according to year and date of the emails residing in the file. When selected, the software for Split Large Outlook PST File according to the selected year and date duration.

Spli PST File by folder

Split PST By Folder & Size

Split PST allows the users to split the PST according to different size from 5MB to 10 GB. In addition to this, the user can also create a separate PST for each folder belonging to the PST file.

Options to Chose Format

Choose Outlook version to split PST by Email ID

The tool gives the facility to select the Outlook version for splitting PST file by sender's email id. This enables the software to know which PST file, UNICODE or ANSI PST, has to be split into multiple parts.

Make New Folder for Split PST

Save Output PST Once Split

Once the split large PST file into multiple files, the output files can be saved in a separate folder. The new folder can either be created from the software panel itself or can be created beforehand.


Split PST Tool is an efficacious utility designed with the aim to eradicate the corruption issues of PST files that arises due to size issue. The facilitates the fragmentation of Outlook PST files on different parameters like size, year, date, folder and email id. This enables the users to save their PST files from corruption due to the large size of PST files. The large size of PST files is the main reason behind the corruption of Outlook database and hence, splitting the PST files is a fair solution to save the PST files from corruption.

What Makes Split PST A Worthy Solution?

Split PST Tool to supports splitting both ANSI and UNICODE type PST files into multiple PST files. The user can select the option to specify which Outlook version's PST file has to be split. The different parameters according to which the PST can be split are date, year, size, folder and email id. When split according to date, the software creates to PST format one which includes data lying before that date and of that date and the second PST which contains data belonging after the specified date. For splitting according to years, separate PST are created for each year. For size and folders, different PST files are created for the specified size and folders. It is an effectual software, that fits the needs of Outlook users looking to save their data from size related corruption issues.


"Split PST Tool is an effectual designed with the sole purpose of splitting PST into multiple files. It is the most promising third party application that I have come across so far."

- – Allen Kim, USA


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Frequently Asked End User Queries

Is Outlook installation necessary for running PST splitter?
Yes, Outlook installation is necessary for splitting Outlook PST into multiple files.
Can the software split a corrupt PST?
No, the software supports to split normal Outlook PST.
Does the software support splitting of multiple PST?
The software facilitates the splitting of single or multiple Outlook PST instant.
Is there any size limitation on the PST that has to be split?
No, there is no size limitation on the microsoft split pst that have to be split into multiple PST.