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Split Outlook OST File

A Simplified Technology to Divide Oversized OST File

  • Split Large OST files into smaller parts by Size, Folder, Date, & Year
  • Permits division of recently created OST and archive OST data file.
  • Break the items of OST such as emails, tasks, journals, contacts, etc.
  • Divide the Outlook OST with no file size limitation into a UNICODE PST
  • Installation of Outlook is needed for splitting huge OST data files

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Commendable Features of OST Splitter Tool

split outlook ost file

Divide Large Sized OST Files

Outlook OST File Splitter allows its users to break large OST file into various smaller parts. It is possible to divide ANSI and UNICODE OST file type with the help of this software very easily. The software makes sure that the data remain unaffected i.e. without any loss. In addition, this utility retains the Meta properties such as To, Bcc, Cc, etc.

Split OST Data File by Size

Split OST Data File by Size

This feature is very useful for users who want to break the OST file by size. An OST file with large size creates many problems for users. Therefore, with this option it becomes possible to split oversized OST file. This ultimately reduces the size of the file and lessens the chance of corruption. However, it is not possible to already damaged OST data.

break outlook OST folder

Break Outlook OST File by Folder

Users can also divide the files on folder basis as well. This feature is helpful for users accessing Outlook 2010 and 2013 editions. OST Splitter helps in creating an individual file for each required folder present in the Outlook OST file. Moreover, it divides the specific folder according to desired size.

Split OST Data by Year

Division of OST Data by Year

The tool also makes it achievable to divide the OST according to year as well. If users wish to perform this, they can go for “split OST by year” option. Once it is done, the tool generates a separate OST based on year. After the division of files into PST format, these files can be accessed into Outlook in its original structure.

Break Large OST Data By Date

Break Large OST Data By Date

Apart from all other features, another interesting option that makes the tool popular is it option to split OST by date. Considering the need of users, OST File Splitter brings different options to break OST files. Users can even divide the file on date basis. In the first file, the items “of and prior” will be present. While, on the other part the data of “after” date will be present.

Split OST

Create New folder to Store OST

This tool is allows users to break the OST file into different segments. Moreover, preserves the originality the data. Once the splitting process is done, it comes up with an option to store the resultant files to a new folder. By default, CSV file also stored at the same location.

How to Reduce The Size of Outlook OST Data Files

Split Outlook OST File Utility, used by many professionals for breaking oversized OST data files. As the matter of fact, that big files are responsible for corruption. This ultimately affects the working of Microsoft Outlook. The tool brings the solution to avoid corruption in OST file. Therefore, it is getting popularity among users. Division of large files helps in keeping away the corruption issues. However, there are so many third party utilities in the only market. Instead of that, this has become a globally accepted utility.

What Makes Split OST A Praiseworthy Solution?

OST File Splitter brings forth so many interesting features for dividing OST files. It can break ANSI as well as UNICODE types. Users just need to specify the edition of Outlook they are using. Apart from this, there are multiple options to split Outlook OST file i.e. break OST by size, date, year, and folder. The interface of this program is very simple and even a novice can perform the process of splitting. In case of size and folder options, different Outlook PST files are produced. In addition, it is compatible with all versions of Windows and performs the task very quickly.

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“Spontaneous, mind-blowing, and fantastic, these three words illustrates the functionality of the software to Split Outlook OST File perfectly. I have used this utility from one of my friend’s suggestion. With this, I have divided my OST files effortlessly. I would like to say a big thank you the whole team of developers. They really have created a useful program.”

- Bruno Fredrick, Australia


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Frequently Asked End User Queries

Is it possible to split OST file on yearly basis via OST Splitter Utility?
Yes, our software provides this facility to divide OST by year.
Does the software keeps the data safe while performing the task?
Yes, this utility maintains the data in its original form. Moreover, there are no chances of data loss in this tool.