pst merge tool

PST Merge Tool

Unified Program to Combine Multiple PST Files Diversely

  • Merge multiple PST files into one successfully with all data items
  • Provision for merging unlimited number of PST files
  • Option to get rid of duplicate entries from file being merged
  • Support for both PST File Types: Merge Unicode & ANSI PST
  • Option to merge PST files in New PST, Existing PST or Outlook Profile
  • All versions of Outlook Supported: Latest and all previous
  • Facility to mMerge all folders or only selected folders
  • Maintains folder hierarchy even after the merging PST files
  • Merge or Join PST files on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and other editions

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Merge PST Files

Merge PST Files

PST Merge tool is programmed to merge multiple PST files into one. This data management provision combines contents of the selected files into the respective component of a PST file. It allows you to merge in Existing PST, New PST or Outlook Profile.

Join PST Files

Join PST Files

Combination of PST file contents is rendered in yet another option namely Join PST. The option structures the combined data into an output PST under a new folder for representing each file contents. Moreover, it supports to join files in New PST, Existing PST or Outlook Profile.

Merge Outlook PST Files

Merge All Outlook Data Items

The PST Merge software is capable to merge PST files with all data items. This means you can easily merge Outlook calendars, contacts, emails, notes, tasks and journals.

Deleted Items

Customize Data Merge

The application comes with customization options. You can eliminate certain folders of your choice from being merged during the process. Deleted Items folder and Junk folder exclusion is featured by the software individually.

Merge Multiple PST Files

Unlimited File Merging

PST file merger tool comes built with the capability to merge multiple PST files in unlimited numbers. There is no limitation imposed by the application on the number / size of the PST files being merged.


Unicode Type Output

During merge, the application renders support for both ANSI as well as Unicode type PST file. However, merging the output that is generated is created by the software in a Unicode type PST file to support unlimited data storage.

Merge and Remove Duplicates

Merge and Remove Duplicates

PST Merge tool is an advanced utility that is capable to merge PST files and remove duplicates. It supports to remove duplicates from Outlook mail, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. To do so, you only need to check the Skip Duplicate Items box and select the criteria to delete duplicate items.

Merge Archive PST Files

Merge Archive PST Files

Using this PST Merge software, users can merge multiple archive PST files into one. Moreover it is capable anough to combine password protected PST files without typing a password. This is the one software that supports to merge all types of PST files.


PST Merge Tool is an appropriate application built to render manageability of not just one but limitless PST at once. The application is able to merge multiple PST files to build a common data file consisting of it all. The program is built with an advanced algorithm that makes it a complete solution for the easy management of personal data file.

  • Combine multiple PST files into one
  • Output generation in Unicode type PST
  • Retention of data integrity guaranteed
  • Complete data extraction and merging
  • Support for all Microsoft Outlook versions

What Makes PST Merge Tool Stand Out?

Programming of the tool is done in such a manner that it supports PST file generated by any given version of Microsoft Outlook, i.e. both ANSI and Unicode type PST are supported. Other qualities that make it a unique choice to make amongst others of its type are:

  • Add multiple files individually or collectively with Add Files / Folder / Search option
  • Provision to merge unlimited number of files of any given size limitlessly
  • Merge PST files and remove duplicates from emails, contacts, calendars, notes, etc.
  • Option to join or merge mutiple PST files in New PST / Existing PST / Outlook Profile
  • Exclusion of undesired email folders from being merged to save time
  • Ability to Merge Outlook Folders including inbox, contacts, archive into a single one
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PST Merge Tool
Merge PST Files
Join PST Files
Merge Multiple PST Files

Frequently Asked End User Queries

Do I need to have Outlook installed for merging PST files?
Yes, the PST Merge Software requires Outlook to be installed as well as configured with a valid or dummy profile to merge PST files. Or, if you want to merge in new PST file, then Outlook installlation is not required.
What does Join PST do during the merge?
Join PST helps you join multiple PST files into a common output PST file consisting of a folder that represents the data of each PST file merged in the process.
Is it possible to get rid of deleted email from being merged?
The PST Merge tool features plenty of options to customize the process of merging PST file. One of them is to eliminate the merging of Junk Folder and Deleted Items folder to prevent merging unnecessary data.
What is the maximum PST size supported for merging?
There are no limitations imposed by the application on the size or number of PST. PST Merge is capable to merge multiple PST files of any given size and in any number.
Can I Merge Multiple PST Files into One in Outlook 2019?
Yes, PST Merge software supports to merge PST files im Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.