NSF Merge Tool

NSF Merge

Efficacious Utility to Merge Multiple NSF Files Effortlessly

  • Merge Multiple Lotus Notes files into a single NSF files.
  • Join NSF files with each file represented by different folders.
  • Join and merge all NSF file items like emails, contacts, tasks.
  • Provision to exclude deleted items from being merged/joined.
  • Exclude duplicate items from merging in the resultant NSF file.
  • Extends support to Lotus Notes 9.0 and all the below versions.
  • Live status of merge and join process shown during process.

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Demo version join initial 2 folders, merge first 15 items/folder & merge first 15 contacts

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Check Features to Merge NSF Files

Merge NSF Archives

Merge Multiple NSF Files

Merge NSF files into a single NSF file with all the similar folders merged into a common folder. The inbox, outbox, sent items, etc. folders belonging to the input NSF files will be merged into a single NSF file.

Join NSF Files

Join NSF Files Together

Join multiple NSF files and save them in a single NSF file. All the merged files will be represented by different folders in the resultant NSF file. The software will join all the NSF file attributes altogether.

Merge All Items

Join/Merge names.nsf

In order to merge the Lotus Notes contacts, the names.nsf files need to be separately added in the software along with the username.nsf files.Once the files are added, the software will merge all the contacts.

Remove Deleted Items

Exclude NSF Deleted Items

The software gives the provision to exclude deleted emails from being merged into the resultant NSF file. This prevents the deleted items from consuming unnecessary space in the output NSF file.

Remove Dublicate Items

Remove Duplicate Items

In case there are duplicate items in the NSF files that have to be merged, the user can remove them with Remove Duplicates option. This option can only be enabled in case of merging NSF files and not in join option.

Custom Display Name

Assign Name To Parent Folder

When the NSF files are joined, they are saved with their original names in the output NSF file. However, the users can also change the name of the files and can assign a different name to the file as per their choice.


NSF Merge is a very effectual utility designed for merge multiple Lotus Notes files. The software facilitates collaboration of different NSF files in a single NSF file. This enables the user to manage multiple NSF files altogether in a single NSF file, thus saving the time and efforts of the user. Managing a large number of NSF files at times proves to be a very tedious task, which is done at the cost of reduced efficiency and consumption of unnecessary efforts from a user’s end. Thus, NSF Merger proves to be a great solution worthy of assembling the NSF file data in a single database.

What Makes NSF Merge Perfect For NSF Merging?

NSF Merge Tool proves to be a perfect solution that is tailored to fit the needs of all those users who are looking forward to manage their NSF file data in an efficient manner.The software with its multiple features proves to be of great use to the users. The users can combine the similar folders of all the files with Merge option. With Join option, the user can access all the NSF files saved individually in a single NSF file.The tool works easily with large sized NSF files. Moreover, it facilitates the exclusion of duplicate and deleted items from being merged in the output NSF file.The live status report of the complete merge process enables the user to be aware of the ongoing merge process.

Introduction Merge NSF


“Coming across efficient third party tools is a very rare occurrence. NSF Merge Tool proved to be one such rare experience for me. The software enabled me to merge more than 20 NSF files in a very less amount of time and with 0% data loss.”

- – Eric Cobb, Germany


Add NSF file
Join NSF File
Merge NSF File Option
NSF Merge Process

Frequently Asked End User Queries

Is Lotus Notes installation necessary for running the software?
Yes, Lotus Notes installation is necessary in order to perform the merging process.
How will I merge contacts residing in the NSF files?
in order to merge contacts, the names.nsf files need to be added separately in the software.
Will the software maintain the folder structure if Join option is chosen?
Yes, the software will maintain the original folder structure of the NSF file after the multiple NSF files are joined.
Is Remove Duplicates option available while joining NSF files?
No, the Remove duplicates option is only available while merging the NSF files and not while joining them.
Will the software merge large sized NSF files?
Yes, the software will merge NSF files irrespective of their size.