OLM2PST Converter

OLM2PST Software

Switch conveniently from Outlook 2011, 2016, 2019 to MS Outlook via OLM2PST converter

  • Converts emails, contacts, tasks etc from Outlook 2011 to PST format in bulk
  • Export Mac Outlook to PST, EML, MBOX, MSG, PDF, Office 365, HTML, CSV, vCard
  • Creates Unicode PST file which can easily be imported to latest version of Outlook
  • Convert OLM File to PST along with attachments & other data items
  • Preview Outlook OLM file data items in eight different view modes
  • Choose multiple items using Shift + UP/Down Arrow key or Mouse left click
  • Maintains folder hierarchy of OLM files after converting into PST format
  • Supports recurrence for calendar & option to apply naming convention
  • Option to manage resultant PST files by splitting them into smaller parts
  • Window based tool and is compatible with Windows 10 and below versions
  • Microsoft Outlook installation in local machine is not mandatory for conversion

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Demo version scans OLM files and lists all recovered folders. Enables export options to save first 25 items per file.

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Key Features


Flawless Migrate Outlook for Mac to MS Outlook PST

Convert OLM to PST is a result oriented solution that has potential to convert emails, contacts, calendars, tasks etc from OLM files into PST format. The tool is prepared with latest concepts and hence creates PST of Unicode.

Save OLM into PST

Performs Conversion In Bulk

The tool allows users to perform bulk Convert OLM File to PST. Thus, more than one account data of OLM file can be converted into PST format. Batch conversion feature reduces the time consumed by the tool for the conversion.

Recover all Attachments

Converts Emails With Attachments

Using this tool to convert OLM to PST, users can successfully convert emails from OLM files with attachments like images, documents etc. The format of attachments is not hampered by convert OLM file to PST and remains embedded with the resultant PST files.

Create Resultant PST File

Option To Manage Resultant PST File

Migrate Outlook for Mac to MS Outlook PST allows users to manage resultant PST files by splitting them into smaller size so that the users do not face any difficulty in handling them. The maximum size of the PST file is selected by the user and the tool automatically creates a new PST file on reaching the maximum size.

Export Selective Folders

Maintains Folder Hierarchy

When you convert OLM to PST, it maintains the folder hierarchy of OLM file so that the users do not encounter any confusion. The folder tree structure of the resultant PST file is same as that of OLM files.

Save in PST or EML

Export Desired Items

The software provides flexibility to the users to export desired items from OLM files. Checkboxes are provided against each and every item, selecting which export of desired items can be done using the tool.

Export Outlook Mac Data Files into PST Format with Ease

A number of email clients are developed in today’s world. The benefits offered by the clients are different; hence, a user selects a client according to his/her requirements. Many a times it is seen that users migrate from one platform to another and in those cases the role of a converter tool comes into picture.

Reasons to Perform OLM to Outlook PST Conversion

The chief reason behind OLM to Outlook PST Converter is the advanced and powerful features provided with Outlook for Windows. Most of the users prefer to perform this conversion using our software due to various features associated with the application.

Some of the advanced features that urge the need for OLM to PST conversion are:

  • Extensive support to a number of scripture languages by MS Outlook.
  • Outlook is considered more secure then Outlook 2011 as it blocks insecure attachments.
  • Support is guaranteed to even Right to Left scripts
  • Permits users to add voting buttons with the sent items
  • Various Add-ons are supported by it like Visual Basics
Introduction OLM Converter


“OLM to PST converter tool is a complete solution to Export Mac OLM to MS Outlook PST. Recently, I was hurdled to find a trustworthy solution for the conversion but thanks to DemoWare OLM to PST converter that allowed me to perform the conversion with ease.”

- -Orlando Logan, Russia


Add OLM file
Scaning Process
Export Options
Exporting Process


It there any limitation imposed with the maximum file size by the utility?
“I have a huge OLM file and want to convert it to PST format. Is it a wise choice to opt for Export Mac OLM to MS Outlook PST for the conversion?”
There is no limitation imposed by the tool on maximum file size. You can convert OLM file of any size to PST. The tool will allow you to manage resultant PST file by dividing into smaller parts.
Will export Convert OLM File to PST tool, export corrupt OLM file?
Convert OLM File to PST tool is not a recovery tool. Hence, it will not let you to convert corrupt OLM files to PST format.
Is the software compatible with Windows 8?
Yes, you can use it on Windows 8 machine with ease. The software is an expert utility and is compatible with latest version of Outlook and Windows OS.
Where will the tool save resultant PST file?
The utility provides flexibility to the users to save the resultant files at the desired location. Any convenient location can be selected to save the PST files.
What is the format of PST file created by the utility?
OLM to Outlook PST Converter creates Unicode PST file so that it can be easily imported to the latest version of Outlook for Windows.