MAB to vCard Converter

MAB to vCard Software

An Effective Solution to Convert MAB to vCard File Format

  • Convert MAB contacts in vCard file format
  • Tool provides two export options for conversion: Files and Folder
  • MAB to vCard converter provide facility to convert MAB files in bulk
  • Renders an add-on feature to merge several MAB contacts in vCard
  • Independent solution to export MAB contacts to vCard file

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Demo version Convert MAB address book and lists all convert contacts. Enables export options to save first 25 emails per vCard file.

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Commendable Features of MAB to vCard Exporter

MAB to VCF Converter

Convert MAB Contacts To vCard:

MAB Address book to vCard migrator provides a simple method to transfer MAB file in vCard format. After successfully saving file in .vcard extension, one can operate this file either on devices like smartphones, tablets, etc., or in applications like Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.

Two Mode View MAB File Converter

Make Single A vCard file of Multiple MAB files:

The software provides an extension to merge multiple MAB files and then create one single vCard file of source contact files. One just needs to choose those files for conversion and then store it at desired location. Attributes like name, address, work phone, etc., all are converted without any dataloss.

Generate Export Report

Generates a Final Report of Conversion:

At the end of the conversion procedure, MAB to vCard converter generates a final report of entire process, which took place while exporting data. This summary report could easily be accessible by a normal user and can been seen in Excel or many other application that opens a vCard file.

Default Destination Location

Saves vCard Format

The software saves the vCard on the pc/laptop by default after the converter location. User can decide any other location, as necessary to save the vCard.

Preview Contacts with Attributes

Preview MAB file Data Before Conversion:

The MAB to vCard importer gives facility to have a preview of MAB file items, after scanning. Entire attributes of contacts along with photos are shown on software preview window. Parameters of a contact like full name, business phone, fax, phone number, etc., all are displayed on tool screen.

Export Selective Items

Provide Dual Options to Export MAB File

MAB to vCard converter is developed or designed in such a way that it is providing following two options to export data in vCard file format:

  • Browse for File: This option enables end users to export an individual MAB file in vCard file format.
  • Browse for Folder: This option will convert bulk MAB files into vCard format and hence, generate one file from collection of several MAB contact files.

Why Do You Need A MAB to vCard Converter Product

A MAB file is an address book, which stores contact-based data of an email account within it. Email applications like MAB, SeaMonkey, old versions of Netscape, and email programs create/operate/access this file within it. Well, sometimes a situation occurs where users are unable to open and access MAB file on their local machine. This does not means that one is not having relevant programs to view this file but, there are many other problems, which are responsible for blocking operation of Address Book file format. Some of such issues are listed below:

  • Wrong links to open a MAB file in registry entries
  • Corruption in the MAB file due to some reasons
  • Sudden deletion of MAB supporting applications
  • System is not having enough resources to open MAB

One can access or view MAB file without any hassle by converting this in vCard file format. Therefore, we are providing the most simplified solution to transfer MAB to vCard and hence, access it anywhere on any device/application that supports the vCard file.

How Our Converter Can Help You?

The software is designed in such a smart way that it can rapidly convert MAB file into vCard format. No issues will be faced by users in opening this file because vCard is accessed mostly on all platforms. Well, some of the unique features of our product to import MAB data in vCard format are:

  • Feature to export selective contacts of a MAB file
  • Save resultant vCard file on any desired location
  • An export summary report is generated by this tool
  • Does not require any supportive application for working
Introduction to MAB File


-”MAB address book to vCard converter is the most simplified way to create contacts in vCard file. It is literally a master piece and is having a quality to perform accurate conversion. Not even a single bit data modification takes place while processing. Headsoff to the developers who came up with such innovative ideas!!”

- Nina Figueroa, Washington


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any file size limitation for performing conversion with your tool?
No, our software is designed in such a way that MAB file of any size can easily be supported and converted with help of our tool.
I want to create a new vCard file, which should be having specific contacts details of my MAB file. Therefore, I want to know that can I perform the same with help of your software?
Yes, you can perform the same just by choosing the contacts, which you want to save in vCard file format.
Will transferring of files affect data or any other thing while conversion?
No, the migration operation will be performed in such a way that one will not have to compromise data loss for MAB to vCard conversion.
Is your software compatible on Windows 10?
Yes, MAB to vCard converter is a Windows-based application that is supported on all versions of Windows OS.