MAB to CSV Converter

MAB To CSV Converter Software

Tool To Export Mozilla Address Book To CSV format

  • Convert Thunderbird address book to CSV
  • Converts abook.mab, history.mab, impab.mab, and SQLite files
  • No file size limitation for Mozilla address book
  • Two options to export MAB: File and Folder option
  • Maintain the structure of data while exporting into CSV
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows Operating system

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Demo version Convert MAB contacts into CSV files and Enables export options to save first 15 contacts per CSV file.

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Features Of MAB To CSV Tool

Convert MAB to CSV

Convert MAB To CSV:

Thunderbird Address Book converter software exports all types of MAB file such as personal address book (abook.mab) and collected address book (history.mab) to CSV file format. After exporting MAB to CSV, one can open it with any CSV file supported application such as Excel.

Combined Export MAB File

Merge Two MAB File:

MAB to CSV converter software provides an add-on feature to add multiple Thunderbird address book MAB to CSV file format as a single file. To do this, a user needs to select the MAB file that he wants within the CSV folder and save it at desired location.

Two Mode View MAB File

Two Export Option:

Thunderbird Address Book converter tool provides two options to transfer Mozilla address book to CSV:

  • File Option: It converts a single MAB file to CSV format.
  • Folder Option: It exports multiple MAB files to CSV file format.
Generate CSV File

Maintains Data Integrity:

MAB to CSV converter software maintains the attributes of Thunderbird contacts as same as original while performing the conversion. It exports contacts with attributes such as name, email address, address, phone number, etc. without changing the data integrity.

Need for Convert MAB to CSV

It’s always, enhanced to Export Address Book in a unified format supported by a large variety of devices and application. And CSV is the most popular and extremely supported format. It has replaced the MAB file, which was usually used for storing contacts.

To export all the contacts from an MAB file to CSV format, you can try two different solutions:

  • Also a simple manual trick
  • Or a third-party MAB to CSV Converter tool

Why it is Globally Accepted?

MAB to CSV converter is problem free contacts conversion software has gained universal popularity because of its ability to migrate MAB address Book to CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. It is extremely straightforward.

Introduction of MAB to CSV File


-MAB to CSV converter software is an outstanding error free tool because it converts all types of MAB file to CSV format without losing a single bit of information. This software also maintains the integrity of data while exporting MAB files to CSV. Thanks for developing such a useful product. I am going to suggest this amazing tool to my colleagues and friends also.

- -Celia Sparks, USA


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I export my corrupted MAB file into CSV using MAB to CSV converter software?
No, you cannot export a corrupted MAB file to CSV format using this converter tool. MAB file should be in a healthy format so that the software can work properly.
Is there any file size limitation with MAB to CSV converter tool?
No, there is no file size limitation with Thunderbird address book converter. A user can export MAB file of any size to CSV format without any file size restriction.
Can I merge one MAB file with another MAB file using MAB to CSV tool?
Yes, you can join one MAB file to another MAB file using Thunderbird address book converter software. This tool provides an additional feature to merge multiple MAB files to a single CSV file.
Can I save resultant CSV file at any location on my machine?
Yes, you can save the resultant CSV file at any desired location on your system.
Is there any possibility of data loss while performing MAB to CSV conversion using this software?
No, there is no chance of data loss while exporting MAB files to CSV file format using Thunderbird Address Book converter tool.
Is this software compatible with Microsoft Windows 10?
Yes, MAB to CSV converter software is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating system such as Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, vista, XP, etc.