SQL Server Recovery

SQL Recovery Tool

Recover and Restore Corrupt / Deleted Records from SQL Database

  • Guaranteed provision of SQL database recovery
  • Restore even deleted records from SQL MDF File
  • All Components Supported: Tables, Views, Keys, etc.
  • Preview of recovered SQL database objects offered
  • Database of any given size supported for recovery
  • SQL Server Versions Supported: SQL 2014 and all below
  • Provided Support for ASCII and Unicode XML data type.
  • Provided Support for Datetime2, date time off set, sql_variant, hierarchyid, geometry & geography data types.
  • Provide support for 2016 SQL server MDF files.

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SQL Recovery Key Features Highlighted In Detail

SQL File Recovery

SQL Database Recovery

With this application, you can recover SQL Server database into a healthy state. Whether the database is affected by minor corruption, major corruption or deletion of records SQL Recovery can bring the contents back to a stable state.

Preview WLM Attachments

Complete Object Preview

Entry within each component/element can be previewed once the database has been recovered. The preview option helps in confirming whether the recovery was a complete success or something has been missed out in the process.

Preview Data with Item Count

Save SQL Database Scan

The SQL Recovery software on its end works as quickly as possible. However, the database size also matters. Thus, a large sized database may take a lot of time in scanning; to tackle with this, the tool offers saving a scanned copy of the database for reuse in future.

SQL MDF File Recovery

Process MDF & NDF Files

SQL Server offers the provision to create a Primary database and a Secondary database to continue managing entries in it. So, the SQL Recovery tool also offers to process both MDF as well as NDF file for recovery and restoration of data stored within them.

Export Selective Data

Restore Conveniently

When restoring recovered database, you can choose to do so directly on the server in an existing or new database (generated directly via software). Or you can choose to create an SQL Server Compatible SQL Script file in case server is unavailable.

SQL Export Option

Export Selective Elements

Amongst the many export options to choose from, the software offers the provision to select which element to restore and which not to. The checkboxes provided against each database component can be used for making selections for its export.

Export SQL Server Compatible Script

Customize Database Export

While restoring recovered database and its components, you are given the choice to save database in the required manner. You can either save just the schema for tables, procedures & views or schema along with the data for table(s).

Recover Deleted Data

Recover Suspect Database

MDF databases go into SUSPECT mode due to structural inconsistency. The application is capable of bringing back the database into a stable mode by recovering its components and contents stored within.

Uniqueness of SQL Recovery As An Enterprise Based Solution

SQL Server is used at places apart from enterprises too, depending on the requirement but we chose to mention them being the biggest users of the product. Enterprises have the most common SQL Server users and thus, all they need to maintain their usage of the platform is a recovery solution that helps them deal with day to day minor/major issues surfaced with the database.

SQL Recovery is a dependable approach in this case because it has – no database file size limitation, recovery limitation, or restoration potential limitation. To be more specific:

  • The application can recover database of size more than a Terabyte
  • Recover them from the most major forms of corruption/inconsistencies
  • And last but not the least, offers restoration of deleted records too

Restoration Options – On Server or In Script

When recovery takes place, the software provides option to either save the output directly on server in an existing database or a new software generated database. Direct storage on server makes the process of getting back SQL data instant.

Apart from saving directly on server, the recover SQL Server database application lets users extract recovered components in a compatible script file. The benefit of saving database in a script file is:

  • It is not version specific, i.e. you can later import it on any version of SQL Server disregarding the source database version.
  • When saving in script file, the SQL Database Recovery application at the end provides complete steps for the procedure of importing a script file on SQL Server to guide users.
Introduction to SQL Recovery


“There are always many databases running at our workplace and almost regularly we come across situations where the chance of losing them gets high. However, with this handy tool, SQL Database Recovery we can completely be at ease.”

- – Gabriel Ferguson, Venice

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Frequently Asked End User Queries

How can I save my recovered database without SQL environment?
“We don’t currently have a working SQL Server environment as its down for maintenance. Then how will I be able to save the database after recovery?”
The sql repair tool comes with two options to save recovered database, i.e. directly on the server and in a compatible script file. You can save recovered database in SQL Server Compatible SQL Script file when server environment is missing. The output can later be imported on any SQL Server version following the steps offered by the SQL Recovery tool at the end.
We have a healthy database but with some missing records. How can we recover them?
The software works with both; corruption and deletion cases. Once the database has been recovered, the software will prompt you to choose to restore deleted records. Proceed by clicking on Yes to restore the deleted records.
Is there a way to have a look at the database before it is recovered?
Yes, the repair sql database application comes with a complete database components preview. Once the database has been scanned and loaded on software, you can click on each component to expand its entries and select them for preview.
How can we be sure of the software being what we are looking for?
To ensure that the sql repair tool suits your requirements of SQL database recovery, you can download its demo version for free. The trial version will let you take a tour of the software with a demo limitation that is omitted immediately after purchase.
I just have a particular Table to be recovered. Is it possible to just recover it?
Yes, you can recover a particular table or all of them. Using the checkbox you can select the elements that need to be restored and proceed.