Restore Damaged SQL Backup File

Recover SQL Backup

Restore Damaged SQL Backup File in Corrupt State

  • Restore data from corrupt / damaged SQL Backup file
  • Extract All Components: Views, Triggers, Columns, etc.
  • Export Modes: SQL Server DB or SQL Compatible Script
  • Backups for SQL Server version 2014 and below supported
  • Recover Primary and Secondary database from SQL BAK
  • Windows Operating System of all versions are compatible

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Essential Features

fix corrupt sql backup

Recover Complete Backup

When using the tool to restore data from backup SQL (.bak) file, one can get back all data components. A Server database backup consists of multiple components like the views, tables, triggers, stored procedures, etc. that are all recovered.

sql bak repair

Multiple Extraction Modes

Backup files are the alternatives to original data. The software offers extraction modes to recover the backup storage as an SQL Server database file or an SQL Server compatible script file which can both be restored on the server easily.

backup and restore a sql database

Preview Backup Storage

Post recovery of the backup storage, users are provided a preview of the contents. Before extraction process takes place, one can preview the recovered components for an assurance and get back selective items as per the requirement.

restore data from backup SQL (.bak) file

Restore Database Files

Recover SQL Backup Tool is built to restore data from backup SQL (.bak) file. This data includes both the Primary as well as Secondary databases. The restoration is done with DB keys like Primary and Foreign key associated with the database(s).

backup and restore in sql server

Schema & Data Export

Restore procedure can be customized according to the user’s convenience. The Recover SQL Backup Tool enables to restore database either with just the schema or with schema plus data. This makes it possible for users to maintain their choices while restoring.

restore data from backup SQL (.bak) file

All BAK Sizes Supported

Similar to SQL Server databases, the backup copies of them too are great in size. However, the software doesn’t impose any kind of limitation on the fact and supports to restore data from backup SQL (.bak) file of any given size without failure.


Recover SQL Backup Tool is a tactfully built software application. When it comes to business continuity, backups play an important role. However, even are backups are no different from the databases when it comes to vulnerability to attacks or damage. Therefore, when the backups too get into trouble, the SQL Server DBA’s are left with no other option. Hence, they up choosing third party solutions for recovering their only alternative of business continuity, i.e. the backup file.

In order to restore data from backup SQL (.bak) file when it is found corrupt, only a third party tool can help. SQL Server backup restore tops the category by offering an amazing range of features that enable a standalone restore, with customized options and guaranteed results.

SQL Backup Recovery and Its Unmatched Capabilities

SQL Backup recovery software is a boon to the DBAs. Backups are the most common business continuity plan most server administrators rely upon. Therefore, losing them means losing business. Meanwhile, Restore Damaged SQL Backup File ensures that no administrator is ever caught in such a stage. This is ensured by recovering:

  • Corrupt SQL Server backup files
  • Primary and secondary databases
  • All database components from BAK
  • Being a standalone provision to DBAs
  • SQL BAK files of any given storage size
  • With guarantee of successful output
recovery backup sql server


“Working with SQL Backup Recovery was a complete pleasure. The software is highly capable to restore data from backup SQL (.bak) file in a completely standalone mode. Moreover, extraction was also made possible without the need of a server to restore the output. The finish touch to the software really amazed me. Kudos!”

- Angela Gibson, New York

Screenshots : Recover SQL Backup File

SQL Backup Tool
Load SQL BAK File
SQL Backup Scanning Process
View SQL BAK File


Is it possible to restore database from my corrupt SQL BAK file?
Yes, it is absolutely possible to restore both Primary and Secondary database from a corrupt as well as healthy SQL .bak file using SQL Backup Recovery software.
How can I restore only the primary database components?
You can perform a selective component restore using the selection support provided by the software via checkboxes against each database component.
Can I restore just the database schema and not data?
Yes, you can restore only the database schema without the data as the software features the option to choose between - Schema or Schema plus Data.
Will the software be able to restore a backup of SQL 2014?
Yes, you can restore the backup file of any SQL Server version with the help of the software without any failure.
What are the system requirements for operating the software?
The software has a minimal set of system requirements for being operated. One needs to have a Windows configured machine, with a standard RAM and storage capacity along with the access to SQL backup file. The software is a standalone and doesn’t rely on SQL Server to restore data from backup SQL (.bak) file.