Google Apps Backup

Google Apps Backup Mailbox

Backup Google Apps data in Desired File Format

  • Need Outlook installation
  • No Backup Data size limit
  • Needs Internet Connection
  • Backup whole Google Apps
  • Maintains integrity of data
  • Support various file formats

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Demo version will backup only first 100 mails and 25 other items.

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Essential Features

Google Apps Multi Account Backup

Dual Accounts Backup

The Google Apps Backup Tool software offers two different ways to take the data backup:

  • Single User Backup
  • Domain User Backup
  • Google Apps Maintain Folder Tree

    Preserve Folder Structure

    Google Apps Backup software maintains the folder structure after taking backup of the mailbox data. If user takes the backup of emails from an individual account then, the application will create a separate folder for every label.

    Backup Apps in 4 Formats

    Supports Multiple Formats

    The application gives an option to save the cloud data in physical form as replica or backup into desired file format such as MBOX, MSG, PST, and EML. It maintains the integrity after having the backup of data.

    Get Status Report Google Apps

    Maintain Progress Report

    The Backup Google Apps Mailbox tool takes the backup of Google Apps data and maintains the full progress status with the fields such as User name, calendar count, email count, status, document count, and contact count that helps for future reference.

    Backup and Save Google Docs

    Retains Data Integrity

    Google Apps Backup utility is designed in such a way that it preserves the Meta properties and data formatting such as To, From, Bcc, Cc, groups, email address, calendar recurrences, meeting alerts, etc.

    Complete Backup Google Apps

    Backup Complete Data

    User can store the last edited of Google Apps documents such as ppt, spreadsheets, documents, etc. into Office compatible file formats. It ensures to maintain the original formatting of every file after downloading.

    Backup Google Apps Mailbox

    Google Apps Backup tool is an efficient utility to back up the Google Apps account data such as emails, calendars, contacts, etc. It stores the backup at desired location on your system in PST, MSG, MBOX, and EML file format as per user’s requirement. It saves user’s time by downloading the individual user backup accordingly. It backups all the data along with the its attachments and Meta data in exact form. It maintains the data integrity after taking the backup of whole data.

    What makes Google Apps Backup Mailbox tool perfect for Backing up Google Apps Data?

    Google Apps Backup software proves to be an efficient Backup Google Apps Mailbox utility that is designed to fulfil user’s requirement who needs to back up their data in an efficient manner. An application provides various applications essential features for users. It maintains the read and unread status after downloading the data to desired file format. It is fully safe and secure to utilize. It supports all Windows Operating system.

    Google Apps Introduction


    I am happy after utilizing this amazing utility and helped me to download all my Google Apps data within few moments. It also retains the integrity of data after backup. Thanks a lot for this helpful utility.

    - Scott Lee, Amsterdam

    Screenshots : Google Apps Emails Backup Software

    Google Apps Backup Tool
    Google Apps Select Category
    Google Apps Backup Mode
    Google Apps Backup Sucessful


    Does the software supports Windows 10?
    Yes, the application is compatible with Windows 10 and later editions.
    In which file format, does the software takes the Google Apps backup?
    The software supports multiple file formats such as MBOX, EML, PST, and MSG to save the Google Apps backup according to user’s demand.
    Can I run this application on Mac OS?
    No, you cannot run this the software on Mac OS because it is Windows based software.