BKF Viewer Freeware Tool To Open Data From Corrupt Backup File

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BKF Viewer – there is a set of rules defined to do a task in systematic order. For example: When a file needs to open, it required in a consistent state and a compatible application to open it should be available. If either of the conditions is not met, the file cannot be opened.


When we talk about the backup file, the concept changes a bit. There must a supportive application and healthy state of backup that is required for restoring it. In the contrary situation, the restoration process will fail.

BKF Viewer – Windows Backup and Its Restoration:

On Windows XP, there is a free utility named NTBackup that gives the facility to create a backup of the crucial file (s) and folder (s). The backup thus created gets saved into the .bkf file which is restored when required using the same utility.

At times, while extracting the data from this backup file, users come across errors that restricts them to open the file and read its contents. Some of the common errors include:

  • An inconsistency encounter on request backup file.
  • The backed up data is corrupt or incomplete.

In such scenario, the BKF file is not restored and this is when there is a call for some creative solution that can help to urgently view the contents of BKF file. With software applications like free BKF Viewer for Windows, users get a solution to view data saved in a backup file and that too, when neither or one of the requirements for restoration is not fulfilled. By downloading this freeware, following benefits availed:

  • A BKF file corrupt to any extent is view. For scanning the files, there is Quick and Advance scan option available, select according to the intensity of corrupt nature.
  • Attributes of the files and folders in the BKF file is viewed within the interface of the tool. The software gives detailed information of file size when it was created/modified etc.
  • The search bar in the tool allows filtering out data using words or phrases. This also used to filter out a file of specific type.

Download BKF Viewer Freeware:

The software is absolutely free and is download for any of the Windows Operating System editions. BKF file view on using the BKF Viewer software interface when NTBackup is not available or the backup file is corrupt, reverting back errors on restoration.

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