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Some rules universally accept and one amongst them is to open a file. Whenever a file (of any type) is open, the relevant application that has potential to easily free mac OLM Viewer and read the file is available on the machine.

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Similarly, the email data save into files call for a fixed mail client to open and read its contents. Outlook 2011 is made for Macintosh Operating System saves all its data into Microsoft’ proprietary database. But when it comes to easy sharing of his data, most of the users prefer to create an archive file and then share it with another user.

Best Solutions to Corrupt OLM Viewer

The manual archive creates for Outlook 2011 database is OLM file. This file can hold emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks. So, the user at another end if have Outlook 2011 installed in the system, he can read the contents of OLM file. In the contrary situation, he may fail to open and access the data saved in the archive file.

If we consider various types of situations, there are times when the user does not have a compatible application available o machine and this is when there is a requirement for some alternate viewer program that has potential to understand the file and open it.

OLM Viewer is a freeware program that is designed for Windows Operating System to View corrupt OLM files. With this small sized application, it is possible to read the emails, contacts, calendars, and other items in OLM file.

Downloading this viewer on the machine gives following benefits:

  • An OLM file along with all its folders open and view. The items count in every folder display in the software pane.
  • Emails and their properties including sender, receiver, date/time etc. is check in the tool.
  • There is a text box to search for specific emails. This will help to check out for relevant emails without scrolling through a large number of emails in the file.
  • Simple to use interface with folders at the left and respective content in the right pane.

With such a brilliant freeware, the dependencies on the application to view data and eliminate it. OLM Viewer is download from its official website and its facilities enjoy without any investment. This utility is a choice for users who work with Windows OS but want to read Outlook 2011 archive data.

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