Email Analysis Tool – Splendid Analysis of Forensic Evidence Immediately

In the present scenario, the time is an important factor to decide the cost of analysis of forensic evidence using Email Analysis Tool /s. As the time expands in forensic search email contacts the cost of investigation also rises. There is a solution in the form of analysis email header which can search attachments independent of email platforms. With search email contacts it also provides options to search contacts after recovering the deleted emails with its deep scan feature. This email conversion makes the analysis of forensic email evidence more portable and global.


Email Analysis Tool Increases the Email Investigation Accuracy

To make the analysis email header more accurate our developer has designed forensic email analysis tool in such manner. So, that the integrity of email analysis remains same. The creation & modification date also remain unchanged after the recovery process. For analysis contact & search attachments the cyber lawyers can use this forensic email analysis software since it has a vast support for analysis contact. Also, it provides the preview of email while doing email analysis thoroughly. Its internal scripts like HTML/RTF, Hexadecimal code, MIME header view etc.

Features in Brief- Analysis Email Header Tool:

Embattle with advance search email contacts. It produces optimized results of searching on the basis of Search attachments, Contacts, date, Body, subject, header etc. This feature has a great advantage in searching suspected email due to its instant nature.

  • It is congruent with other email file type. For eg: Outlook, EDB, Mac Outlook, MBX, OLM, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, OLM etc. Due to this the access zone of email evidence increases.
  • Advance email analysis of evidence in the form of Hex, MIME header, Property, HTML, RTF script makes the email investigators more reachable to the important values of the case.
  • No loss of data in the process of analysis of forensic evidence. Forensic experts can also recover the modification date with the help of analysis contact.
  • Easily migrate any email file type into another file format like EML, HTML, PDF, TIFF & MSG due to which it is easier to access the hard copy of email evidence with analyzing email header tool.
  • After changing the email the forensic email analysis tool also provides a database in which user can easily store & manage the email evidence & case studies.


Try then Buy Forensic Email Analysis Tool

This forensic email analysis software is available for free to try for 30 days. With this, you can also convert 50 emails in desired email type.